Lean Management - Sales Seminars

is a company specialized in Professional Sales & Strategic Management Skills Seminars (Open & In House Seminars).

Our Open Seminars organized on a monthly basis, cover the areas of Sales, Marketing & Strategic Management.
Our In House Seminars organized on a Tailor Made basis, after the request of each company and after studying carefully the specific needs & the economic environment of the client. 

We provide also Private Tutorials-Lessons to our clients, Managers, CEOs or Sales Force, privately or in small groups.

In addition, we make sure our clients are updated with the latest editions of professional books on the area of their activity, supplying them with in-detail chosen & knowledgeable books.

Our clients' data base is briefed monthly with newsletters with current & up to date articles from the business actuality.

Lean Management provides what its title implies: supportive & continuous business & professional education, always cost-effective & above all to the benefit of our clients, saving their valuable time. We developed a feedback system that makes possible for our customers, during the seminars, to provide their own ideas, increasing this way the efficiency of our educational programs.